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Paul Kevin Jonas II
I’m Kevin Jonas. Husband, soon to be father and guitar hero champion - yep as in I beat Nick at ‘Eye of the Tiger’ and took a victory run around our lounge room. Don’t tell Nick I said that, he is still upset he isn’t great at everything. But hey he has the best hair in the family, he can work that one. So two years. I can’t believe I’ve been married to Danielle for nearly four years now. Four amazing years! And now we have another little Jonas on the way, that Joe still wants us to call Joe junior, I told him we would think about it and gave Danielle a list of names that didn’t include Joe, Joey or Joseph. Again that is probably something you shouldn’t go around telling people.

I’m probably getting a little off track, but basically two years to me have equaled time with my family and time producing. Yes, now I’ve got my own producing company. We actually working with someone right now, a young teen that is going to do great things, that I am sure of. There also was the Jonas movie of course, which was real fun. I love Chelsea and Nicole like my own sisters and of course more time with Joe and Nick, which seriously people would think you would get sick of - and maybe sometimes, like 24 hours on a tour bus you do, but not lately. Lately I haven’t seemed to have enough time with them. So the movie was great and Friday dinners with mom, dad and everyone are too. It’s a little weird when mom wants us to invite guests and of course we all know Danielle is mine (although when she says invite a guest, I don’t think she ever really means me - especially when Danielle is already invited). I think mom just doesn’t want Joe and Nick, to forget there is more to life than just work, like grandchildren and all of that. Sometimes I wish she wouldn’t get Joe and Nick to bring guests, though. Not that Nick ever really follows through, but Joe does and sometimes he brings David, which is great I mean we all love that kid. But some days it’s Selena, which wouldn’t really be a problem, if Selena and Nick weren’t giving each other odd looks across the table whenever they thought no one was looking. Or sometimes Joe just invites some girl and that can be really weird. I guess I’m just one of those guys, that likes things to stay the same and I miss Joe bring over Demi too. But I won’t say that, because I know they have their issues and I really try never to meddle with Joe and Nick’s relationship dramas. Nick always acts like he is the oldest one anyway, so he doesn‘t need my advice and Joe just gets all different when I try to bring up stuff like that. Like I’m his Dad and I’m telling him how babies are made. Hey my favorite is still Camilla and she definitely wasn’t the best one for Joe. Well maybe she was until she did that thing, with that guy and Joe got all heartbroken and we all decided in one night, we no longer all loved her, but all hated her and that was that. You don’t fight those things.

Let’s see anymore big changes? Besides the fact I grew out my hair and tried to prove to Danielle I look exactly like Mc Dreamy, I lost a couple of pounds as Danielle gained hers and I became a genius with an allen key. Like this crib, totally set a new record putting it up! Like marvel at my skills - sort of thing. Don’t tell Nick this either, but I’m totally spreading this out! That I’m the king with the allen key. Besides we all know Nick is going to want to prove that wrong. I’ve also become this whiz at pancake consumption and production. Danielle’s cravings you see equal batter, maple syrup and strawberries. What do you think I did with that? Totally invented the best strawberry pancakes for my wife, ever!! Just because she is the best wife in the entire world. She deserves it. Besides our kid needs all the energy he or she can get. That’s right, we still don’t know if it’s going to be a little girl or a boy yet. I’ve placed a bet with Nick, that it’s going to be a boy, Joe thinks girl and Selena said something about that as well. We’ll have to wait and see I guess. But yes, I know a lot of people have asked about my suddenly weight loss etc. And really it isn’t that sudden. It’s just with this pole vaulting event, I have been training myself to get ready for the pounds really had to start to come off. As in I wouldn’t be able to make it over that bar and score a million for our Charity group if they didn’t. Besides a fit Kevin is a healthy Kevin.

So I would still like to really move Danielle out of LA. Go somewhere and find a house with a white picket fence and everything else. But that isn’t a reality right now. Work is here and so are my brothers, well when they aren’t flying around the world doing their thing of course. I think Danielle knows that, that although I say that one day I’m going to move us out etc. I really won’t until they invent some type of teleportation device. Which hey you never know they might totally do that one day or I might totally do that! Scientist Kev, hmm I like it. Plus LA isn’t all that bad. Santa Monica pier is still one of my favorite places in the world, add on to that Disneyland. I think it’s a pretty great place to raise our baby. Besides Joe, Nick and Frankie would kill me if I took their niece or nephew away. Not to mention dad and mom. And everyone else really. Do I look like a guy that would be the cause of upsetting that many people? I certainly hope not!

I guess sometimes I wish we were those three boys still + Frankie of course. All camping out in the lounge room, because it decided to beat down rain outside, but Frankie still wanted to do the whole ‘camp’ thing. Yeah I think that would be great. But that would mean no Danielle or future Jonas and that is unimaginable right now. So maybe it’s a good thing, we all decided to grow up. But hey I’m going to organize a camp out soon.

Oh and did I mention, I really wouldn’t mind at all if Danielle, Selena and Joe won that bet.
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