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OKAY so this is joe. he says hi to everybody and all yayayay. he's the middle jonas as you all know. he's... joe idk. he's fun and playful and tries to make everybody laugh even if he has to make himself look like an idiot. he'd never really have the heart to insult anybody or start any kind of fight, but he'll probably flip his shit if anybody messed with his family. uhh he likes picking on the people he's really close to, it's his sign of affection (examples: nick and selena). he keeps a lot to himself, actually, a lot of the "darker" things that go on is his mind, he tries to ignore and keep away but he does get to think a lot whenever he's alone and bored. he's pretty ~bitter about everything's that happened.

i think i've pretty much put up plots with most of you guys? but yeah, anything else, you should post here! right now, he's filming a movie in LA, it'll be a romantic comedy and i haven't figured out its name yet so lol GIVE ME A BREAK.

anyways, info.
my aim is gunslingingzero
and joe's is srslyjoe

somebody remind me to go on as him on aim, okay?
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