mileyrayy (mileyrayy) wrote in themouse_ooc,


Hi so this is Miley. But you knew that. I don't think we need to really discuss any plot things. Unless we do. In that case LET'S DO THIS~ But to make this relevant to my interests. Someone make me Liam. Right now. If you don't, I will shit a brick and then use it to break your windows. And then crawl into your house and eat all your food and then make you starve.

loljk, I might just rickroll you. So seriously, make Liam. I'll love you forever and name my first born child after you. Oh and just in case, her im is ohmymileyray and mine is dorasaywha. Blah blah blah.

AND just because this is my favourite gif of all time and this is how I look at you when you don't make Liam.

You guys wish I wasn't so legit about this.

Tags: dorothy loses her mind, introductionish thing
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