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Last two years have been crazy bust so this may take a while. No I'm totally kidding. So most of 2010 was split between The Last Song song promo. Then the rest of the year was spent on Can't Be Tamed coming out. It was actually the most fun I've ever had. I knew it was going to be my last album for a while, and to be honest it was because music is draining. Music is like taking a piece of yourself and putting it out into the world. People like to pick at it and pull it apart and it got to the point where I just needed a break. But I went out with a bang apparently. It was sooo much fun writing, recording and doing the promo work for the album. Demi would come and visit me in the studio and we would just jam out to random songs we made. Then I spent the last part of the year doing a tour across the Europe and South American. I got to see my fans there which was so great.They're actually the greatest people ever. Then the last episode of Hannah Montana aired. Emily and Mitchel came over and we sobbed like little kids watching it. When something like that is such a big part of your life then saying goodbye almost hurts more. I woke up one morning and it hit, really hit me that it's over. I was a wreck for a week. As much as I wanted to break out the whole Hannah Montana thing, I missed it so much.

The new year brought filming for LOL. It was such a blast getting to work with Demi. Moore I mean, although I did get to work with Lovato too. She's such a talented actress, and I know when someone says that it sounds super fake but I swear to God she totally is. She gave me all this advice, even about stuff like the media. She told me "People are gonna think what they wanna think, there is nothing in the world that can change that. Which means you shouldn't change yourself." Best advice ever? Yeah, pretty much. My mom and me would kinda follow her around set in awe for the first few days. So we did that and it was actually such a great learning experience. It's a more mature role so I got to really showcase this different side of me. It was definitely going in the direction I want to go in. So yeah, that year was pretty much taken up by stuff like that. I did a few things for Friends for Change which was uber fun cause it meant me and Dems, Lovato this time, could goof around and say it was for work. Other than that I helped her write a few songs for her new album which is seriously the best album ever. No best friend bias, I swear.

This year LOL is coming out. It feels so weird to say that. Sounds like I'm some chat speak freak. Totally not though. So yeah, doing some promo for that and just enjoying being back home. I'm looking at a few scripts and even thinking about recording some stuff. I haven't been in the studio for almost two years now but I've been writing, a lot actually. Especially in recent months but I don't know yet. I'm trying to take it slow. Other than my possible maybe I don't know but probably not return to music I was supposed to do Wings this year but I ended up backing out. It just wasn't the kind of movie I felt was what I was going for. Then I got offered the lead in Awake this really cool supense/thriller so I'm going to go to Utah in a few months to start filming. I've always wanted to do something a little more scary so this should be fun. No vampires though.

Relationships and personal things. Oh yes, everyone's favourite. Well let's start with... Demi. I know, how juicy. Basically, the girl is my best friend. She keeps me from going crazy which I have a habit of doing. The best thing is that she knows what it's like. She knows what it's like to have people who don't even know say all these mean things about you, and yeah she lets it get to her head but I'm here to pull her back down to earth and remind her that what matters most if what the people you love and what they think of you. Not some random blogger who doesn't know anything about you than that you like to wear short shorts or dye your hair black. She's like the ying to my yang. Or the ice cream to my oatmeal. And the best thing is I know that she isn't using me. Which is a weird thing to think about but I see it happen to people all the time. It's even happened to me a few times. She's just the best.

So I guess I'll get to the relationships. Out of everyone I've ever been linked to or whatever I can safely say that I've only every truly, honestly, fallen in love twice. One of those time was Liam. I have to admit that one of the things that I liked was that he didn't know who I was or what I was supposed to be when he met me. I don't want to sound conceited but it's hard to find a boy around here who doesn't know who I am. I mean, it totally could be the swarm of photographers that follow me EVERYWHERE. But yeah, I don't know. I guess I have a habit of falling hard and fast but eventually things sizzle out by a few months or whatever. But with Liam, I don't know. It worked. I could just picture getting married. I sound like that crazy girlfriend but I really thought about it. Then I moved into my new house and Liam moved in with me. It was great at first. The house was huge so we would play hide and seek for the first few weeks behind boxes and stuff. Mate totally sold me out each time though. And it was great, like really easy. Then when I went to film LOL things sorta changed. Like we weren't happy to be together, we were just indifferent. I could have such a fun day at work and then have dinner with Liam and just say nothing. It was like we were living in each other's presence, not living with each other. After we wrapped filming I talked to Demi and she kinda gave me the encouragement to talk about it with Liam. So I talked to him and we got into an argument and well, I got so mad I told him to move out. He said that he was tired of waiting around for me while I was doing my own things, and that he wanted to do things on his own too. That he didn't want to be Miley Cyrus' boyfriend forever. I just, I don't know. I flipped out. I thought it was gonna work out. I love him ya know? I thought that would be enough. I miss him like crazy.

Since then I haven't really wanted to date. I know, who would have thought? I'm like the queen of serial daters as Demi likes to call me. But I'm almost twenty now and I feel like I need to focus on myself before I jump head first into a relationship. I just know I'm always doing it, and then it's like my world revolves around that one person and I don't know. It's weird. I just don't want to do anymore. And if this thing with Liam is going to work out I'm going to have to grow up. Which I am. I think?

You're going to ask me aren't you? Well I'll beat you to the punch. Out of the two people in my life that I've been genuinely in love with, Nick is one of them. But sh, don't tell him. He never really liked how forward I was in interviews. If I'm the queen of serial dating then he's the king of on/off relationships. But I'm so not going back there. Three times is enough for me. I mean, I still love him, I really do. But I don't think I'm in love with him ya know? He's always going to be a part of my life, I can't escape that. But there's a point where you have to stop writing songs about something that doesn't affect you anymore.

Change is something that is bound to happen in two years. And in some ways I have changed. My hair colour has undergone a few more dye jobs, none of them involving my relationship status thank you very much. But seriously, I'd like to think that I'm less rebellious. Like I think I was kinda trying too hard two years ago. I was purposely trying to push this whole Disney thing away and not care about anything when I really did care. Now I've settled into what I am now. I don't have to be anything. I can just be me. I'm a better actress too. I mean, I'm not the best, or anywhere close to being the best but I'm getting there. I guess the one thing that hasn't changed is that I'm still impulsive as ever. I still say what I want, when I want. Old habits die hard.

My image is one thing that undergone a major revamp. Squeaky clean? Well, squeaky clean is one thing I am not. But I guess a little known fact about me is that I'm not actually a party person. I mean, I totally love being around people and hanging out and dancing and whatever. But I like just chilling at home with my mom or Demi or Mate and just watching a movie or goofing around. I'm really a homebody. People just assume I'm this crazy party girl. But really, I'm about as boring as boring gets. Okay maybe not exactly.